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30 June 2003

Yukon Ho!

I'll be off road tripping for the next week or so, so you won't hear from me for awhile. But I will be able to make it to tomorrow night's TC Ultimate League game after all, which is a turn for the better since I wasn't looking forward to missing 2 weeks of that ... Anyway, try the links I posted and let me know what you think of the (slight) changes to the site. Oh, and hell yes.

posted at 4:32 PM by Joe

Terms & Definitions

Sacrament 1. a rite considered to have been established by Christ as a channel for grace
(Random House Webster's College Dictionary, 1997 ed.).

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion (The Bill of Rights, First Amendment).

Okay, now that we've gotten the definitions out there, I assume any reasonably intelligent person can find numberous reasons why Frist is just plain wrong in saying that:

"I very much feel that marriage is a sacrament, and that sacrament should extend and can extend to that legal entity of a union between -- what traditionally in our Western values has been defined as between -- a man and a woman."

Marriage may be a sacrament in a personal sense, if two people choose to be married in a church, by a holy person, before God, and so on. This is not required, however. It cannot be, according to the Bill of Rights. So, by any meaningful objective term (which, really, is how a US Senator should be required to approach such things), marriage is not a sacrement, and may have nothing to do with religion. Marriage, really, under a secular government, is more of a social contract, and I've yet to hear an agruement that's even mildly convincing why same-sex couples should be excluded from entering into it. Everything boils down to "Because God said so, along with several other things which clearly no longer apply, but this one certainly always will," and "because it's icky."
To quote a certain irritable penguin, it's hard to argue with logic like that.
Even William Safire understands, though he somehow manages to still come off sounding like an ass.
Anyhow, the idea that this somehow merits a constitutional amendment is beyond absurd. It's bigoted, and in a manner that's expressly forbidden by the Bill of Rights.
Anyone think Frist will follow his thoughts to their logical conclusion, and proclaim that Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, etc. should not be allowed to marry? No?

Paul Krugman's been called the Most Dangerous Liberal in America. Don't know why, exactly, but if he keeps writing things like this, he's got my vote (so to speak--he's not actually running for anything, but you know what I mean).

And, it looks like there's enough angry disillusionment to go around. While some minorities, enviromentalists, and other actual leftists are finind it harder and harder to support the Democrats, it looks like the military is starting to have serious doubts about the party it's in bed with. Coyote ugly, guys. It's time to start gnawing at that limb.

posted at 4:25 PM by Chris

That Awkward Age

The up-and-coming season of the Simpsons (and, according to Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, a source I've come to trust, there will be one), will be its fifteenth. Let that sink in for a minute. A person born during the first season of the Simpsons should now be in highschool. Freaking highschool!

Just wanted to mention that.

posted at 3:54 PM by Chris

28 June 2003

New and Exciting Things...

Damn it all, I'm an idiot. I just deleted a rather lengthy post.
Well, the gist of it is, I'm here now, not at Easy Journal. It's not because I was unhappy at Easy Journal, I merely wanted the flexibility associated with Blogger. This service is more difficult to use (you should know something about html, and I don't, but I'm picking up little bits), but it has many benefits. A big part of it for me was the one-post-per-page at Easy Journal. I didn't much care for that--it took too long to move from one day to another.
Also, as you'll soon realize, I've invited Joe to co-host this blog with me. We're still working on getting him set up (Joe, you may have a Blogger account, but I don't think you've accepted the invitation yet, so try again), but he'll be appearing here as well shortly. He knows something more about html than I do, so, hopefully, we'll get some good things going here.
I'll likely upgrade to the super, wonderful, mega-good, advertisement-free version before too long. I believe this is required to host a comments section, which I would very much like to do. I'm still learning the ins and outs of this site, but I'm not certain that there's an equivilent of the "Leave Me A Message" feature on this one. Also, I've been having some trouble with links in the body of a message, but I think I just have to make sure to actually type http://, which I could skip at Easy Journal. But, I won't have to keep linking to the sites which I always recommend, because I've got them permanently listed in the right!

posted at 10:06 PM by Chris

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